November Goals: Keeping It Real + Happy Dancing

Hey it's November!

Which means Thanksiving is almost here - yes!

And I'm having another baby in like 7 weeks! It's hard not to get sidetracked and want to browse cute nurseries on Pinterest all day. So I thought I better make some November goals to keep me in line. I want to hear yours too! So share in the comments.  

Keeping It Real

We are going through major diet changes at my house. I am a classic junk food, fast food, sugar and coffee addict. I kind of naturally stink at cooking. But I'm working hard to change it and go towards more of a traditional "real food" diet. My sweet autistic 4-year-old boy has always had tummy issues. So over the last two years we've gradually taken him off of dairy, gluten, dyes, most processed and sugary foods.

Now we're in the beginning stages of the GAPS/SCD diet which I've heard lots of great stories about....but it means I have to cook. A lot.

Homemade. (This is me cringing.)

And not just cooking but weird stuff like juicing, making homemade yogurt and kefir, meat stocks, fermenting vegetables and such. Basically trying to introduce nutrient-rich foods full of probiotics and foods that can heal his little digestive system. All this for the queen of mac and cheese:) So far I kind of feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen but his lack of tummy aches are keeping me going.

November goal = Stick to the diet. Keep it real.

Happy Dancing

For my design business, this month is the absolute craziest of the year. It's Christmas card season so my shop gets a little bit out of control. In a good way. I just try not to have panic attacks when I see how many emails are waiting to be answered each morning in November. This year my little guy is in school for the mornings. So I'm attempting to do as much as I can on my own instead of hiring help like last year. It's actually fun to be a little nuts and I'm so grateful for the much needed boost to our finances.

November goal = No panic attacks. Only thankful happy dancing.

What are your goals for November? Got any big plans for this month? Link up here.

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