Popularity Contest: Graduation Template Bestsellers for 2013

There's no place where popularity seems to matter as much as in high school. Since it's getting close to graduation time, I thought you might like to know the highest rated senior templates this year! It's always nice to know that your announcement will be well received:) All of the following templates are fully layered and color customizable for easy repeated use with Photoshop or Elements software.

Here are the 6 most popular announcements for 2013...

1. Flourish Collection | Card A 

It must be the mix of spring florals, handwritten type that hints at excitement, and doodle frames (reminiscent of doodling in class?) that make this card extra lovable.

2. Going Places Collection | Card A

Minimalism is in! It must be the clean layout with casual type that makes this card so popular. It's nice and simple which is perfect for senior guys and those grads who are all about eliminating distractions.

3. Live It Up Collection | Card C

Stripes, polka dots, and pops of neon color. I feel like I'm describing my closet favs instead of this card! Haha. But maybe it's that overall fashion feel that appeals to seniors with this card. Makes me want to go shopping!

4. Great Heights Collection | Card D

Speaking of shopping, this top selling card makes me think of boho styles like Free People. Maybe it's the dried flowers, muted colors, and shimmery texture that speaks to those super chill seniors.

5. Looking Ahead Collection | Card C

It think this card is popular because of its great mix of classic & glam. It says, "I'm going to be successful, and I'm going to do it in style."

6. Hit the Runway Collection | Card B

This card was around last year and was by far the top seller then. It's still fresh and highly rated this year for all of those modern grads.

Can't decide which of these cards your grads will love best? Great news - you don't have to!

This year I have a special promotion running so you can get all 6 of these cards for only $25:)

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