How to Press Play on your Passions

Press play on your passion

If you're like me (creative type) you might be kind of overwhelmed by your passions. I can be constantly thinking of new ideas and feeling pulled in different directions without knowing exactly what to focus on. Or maybe you aren't sure what your strengths are but you know you want to do something - maybe starting a blog or a business for extra income. Does it seem like everyone else is able find their niche but you keep bouncing back and forth between projects? How do you know which idea to pursue?

I think the hardest part is knowing where to begin and then acting on it...

How to press play on your passion

Look At Your Childhood

I recently took a class from the Influence Network called Press Play: Where Passion Meets Action and got some great tips from Hayley for this problem. I highly recommend purchasing this class, but one idea she had for figuring out your focus is to take a look at your childhood. What did you do constantly? Did you have a main role in the relationships you had or the activities you participated in?

When I was little Barbies were my jam. But instead of just playing with their outfits and hair, I made jobs for all of them. I created elaborate charts so I could keep track of all of their talents and responsibilities. Other things I loved to do were putting on plays, creating clubs, and pretend office/school with my cousins. I loved deciding what everyone's role was and then setting up our space. Everything had to be super planned out and beautifully designed with artsy signs, notes and folders.

Looking back at these helped me see a few themes emerge...designing, teaming up with others, planning, organizing jobs, teaching, storytelling...

The things that gave us life as a child probably still give us life today in different ways. It's a great place to start with knowing where to focus your attention.

Press play // jealousy

Look at Your Jealous Thoughts

Another helpful article I read was this one Who is Living Your Dream?

Jealousy is not something we want to get sucked into, but I think it's safe to say we're all a little envious of others in some ways. I'd never thought about using those feelings as a guide for finding what I really appreciate and would enjoy doing. I put it to the test and suddenly my thoughts made so much sense...

People I get jealous of?

-Those who get to work with other creatives/collaborating. (Teaming up with others)

-Those who teach, write ebooks and travel to fun places for workshops. (Planning, teaching, adventures)

-Those who are excellent at stylizing photos, coming up with creative projects and designing well. (Designing, organizing)

-Those who are funny, great writers, and make much of Jesus with their work. (Ministering, teaching, storytelling)

Who do you find yourself getting jealous of and why? If you find yourself wanting bits and pieces someone else's life, job or creativity, that can be a huge indicator of what you're passionate about. Use some of these goals to move forward in your own work.

Press Play // Motivation

Look At Your Motivation

We make a lot of excuses and have a lot of doubts when it comes to our passions...

"I can't possibly do that. I'm not qualified enough yet."

"I don't have enough time right now."

"So and so once told me I couldn't do this well."

Maybe some of these things have hints of truth in them, but put them aside for a minute. You can always get better, negotiate for free time and ignore your fears.

Look at what you're really motivated to do even when you're busy.

-What kinds of things are you willing to wake up early and stay up late for?

-What would you be excited to do on a day off to recharge?

-If you had to take extra classes or work for free while you learn, what would you love to get better at?

For me - surprise surprise - it's planning, designing, writing, and organizing:)

Knowing the answers to these things is important because you HAVE to be motivated to take action, even when it's hard or even when you're scared of failing.

Remember you don't have to commit to any project for life. Give yourself a chance and just press play.

xo, Laurie

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