What's Your Life Like Really? Survey It Up!

summer survey

Happy Summer, friend!

How's your work + life balance going lately? 

I feel like summer can be one of the hardest time to stay focused because let's face it, the sunshine and the pool are calling your name. If you work from home, you might have kids calling your name more often this time of year too:) 

I'm getting ready to launch a few new products to help us all be more efficient and productive. (So we can spend less time stressing and more time at the pool - Woo!).

But I realized it would be super helpful if I knew more about YOU! I want to make sure that you will be just as helped by the products as I am. I put together a little 6 question survey to find out what your life looks like right now. I made it nearly all multiple choice so you can finish it in under a minute if you're fast.

I am so very thankful for you taking time out of your busy day to fill it out. So here's a little thank you gift - Enter the code: SUMMER2015 for $5 off* any order from the shop! (*Expires 09/01)

I won't even check to make sure you took the survey ;)

Keep in mind that taking the survey ensures that future products I release will be catered to you and your needs. You'll be glad you gave your two cents. Thanks friend!

xo, Laurie