Should You Rework Your Workspace?

Should you rework your workspace? | Office makeover | Laurie Cosgrove Design

The workspace is kind of an underrated topic. We talk a lot about HOW we do things, WHAT to focus on and WHEN to work for best results.

But very rarely do we talk about the WHERE and that can can be just as important.

If your workspace is right in the middle of a central or high traffic area, you won’t be able to focus with all the distractions and interruptions.

If it’s disorganized, you’re going to be wasting so much time looking for equipment, supplies, chargers, etc. It might even attract clutter because of the storage solutions you have.

At the very worst, it can even be a hazard to your health causing you bad posture, excess tension and eye strain from the wrong type of seating and lighting.


I learned all of this the hard way.

Earlier this year, I realized my workspace was in desperate need of a change.

One of the main reasons I LOVED this house when we originally moved in was because it had this perfect little enclosed space with lots of light I could use for my “office” right off the main living space.

Should you rework your workspace? | Office makeover | Laurie Cosgrove Design

But I ran into some issues…

I had a cute little mid-century desk but it never ever got used because I work on a laptop and it was always messy. Even after organizing it regularly, it was just a paper clutter magnet and constantly getting dusty and abandoned.

The chairs I used were not ideal for my posture, neck and wrists and I felt the pain!

Another problem was that there was way too much stuff in my office so I could never find anything I needed. Or I had moved things (and misplaced them) while working in another room.

It was definitely time to rework the workspace.


Maybe you can relate…

  • Are you constantly unfocused, interrupted, distracted when you sit down to work?

  • Is your workspace hiding all kinds of clutter, messes and things you don’t use?

  • Are you always searching for equipment, supplies, and chargers?

  • Is your back/neck/wrists sore from horrible posture?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, it might be time to re-work your workspace too!

With just a few quick fixes, you can be so much more motivated, efficient and on top of things in your space.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you rework your space and ideas for quick fixes…

#1 How are you sitting? | Should you rework your workspace? | Office makeover | Laurie Cosgrove Design

#1 How are you sitting?

In the past, I sat at a desk with a tall chair that didn’t quite fit me. So I would either sit hunched over my computer or slightly sideways with my legs tucked under me. Plus my hands were always tilted at an odd angle so I started having to wear a brace for my wrist pain. Add headaches, neck, back, and knee pain to the mix and I quickly realized my posture was not in a good place.

My quick fix: Swap the desk for cozy chairs where I can sit straight with my feet flat on the floor and my wrists at the correct angle. I had mostly been working from a laptop anyway, so this was an easy fix.

#2 What supplies do you actually use? | Should you rework your workspace? | Office makeover | Laurie Cosgrove Design

#2 What supplies are you actually using daily?

Having a desk with drawers, it was so easy to hide ALL the things. I have no clue why I had so much stuff in my desk, but it was insane! Old design books, makeup, kids toys, earrings, cords to who knows what, binders I never looked at, and piles of paper were just the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t need or use any of it on a daily basis.

My quick fix: Again, getting rid of the desk and drawers. I realized all I actually used each day is a planner, headphones, charging cords and my laptop. All of which could fit in a laptop bag or a small basket in the corner.

#3 What’s your light/sound situation?

It sounds like a small thing but when you’re hearing way too much going on or straining your eyes, it can really be difficult to focus. For a lot of people it can have an effect on their mood and motivation too. Because of the positioning of my desk and windows, I always had a glare on my screen that left me straining my eyes or constantly moving my computer around. Plus my office is in a central location in our house, so it’s a little hard to focus with the noise and interruptions.

My quick fix: I put my chair in a corner so that I’m near a sunny window but my screen’s not affected by it. I also updated the lighting so that I can work evenings without anything too harsh. And for the sound? I purchased some wireless headphones to block out sounds throughout the house.

#4 Are you inspired by what you see? | Should you rework your workspace? | Office makeover | Laurie Cosgrove Design

#4 Are you inspired by what you see?

In the day to day tasks, it can difficult to remember why you’re passionate about your job. It’s really important to surround yourself with things that give you life, inspire you, or reminds you of your favorite part of the job. My most favorite decor is typography with rich wood textures and an urban, industrial, vintage vibes. In my old workspace, I had very little of that and it didn’t make me feel cozy at all.

My quick fix: New paint and chalk lettering on the wall. I also tried to use chairs that had a bit of a vintage vibe which face my husband’s instrument wall. The cozy mood of this room inspires me to be much more creative now.

#5 What are you costing yourself?

We ended up deciding to invest a little bit for furniture, lighting and paint. It was worth the cost because it was helping my health and giving me renewed motivation. Those seem like small things, but you need good health, order and motivation to be inspired and creative!

BUT even if you’re not in a position to invest in new things, small changes can make a big difference!

Can you rearrange furniture near a window or to support your posture?

Can you get rid of extra clutter or organize your supplies?

Maybe bring in decor from other areas or brave a DIY project?


Do you have trouble focusing in your workspace? Share below!