Simple DIY Painted Cross Pillow

I've been in a throw pillow making phase lately. My house is nothing fancy but I like adding in a few creative touches here and there. And these are an easy (and cheap) way to help update a room.

You might have seen this tutorial over at New Nostalgia where I showed you how I made this DIY Type/Ampersand Pillow. I also recently spent two hours FINALLY figuring out my sewing machine so I could sew my own solid gray pillows (not shown). Today I'm going to share how I designed that black and silver cross pillow above!

It's really easy and I was able to do it in about 5 minutes.

Supplies: Solid color throw pillow, metallic fabric paint, art sponges

Walmart is just about the closest I can get in my town to a craft store but I got all of these there for under $10. Not bad!

You can use paintbrushes for this project, but I love the sponges because of the straight edge on them.

Step 1 | Dip your sponge in the metallic fabric paint and make a small cross by lightly touching it to the fabric once vertically and once horizontally. Before every cross I made on the pillow, I first did a practice cross on a paper plate to get rid of any excess.

Step 2 | Begin making diagonal patterns of crosses. I tried to keep about two inches between each cross but otherwise didn't try to make them all perfect.

Step 3 | Finished! Set your pillow somewhere to dry for a few hours and admire your work! I think this project could also work really well for a shirt/tank top or maybe a doormat design to greet your guests as they come over.

Thanks for letting me share!

xo, Laurie