Simple Scandinavian Holiday Decor

Simple Scandinavian Holiday Decor

Happy December! I was ready to pull out all of the Christmas decor right after Halloween but made myself wait until at least Thanksgiving week! I love the warm and cozy environment that this holiday brings.

This year I found myself keeping the majority of my Christmas decor boxed away in favor of a more minimal, uncluttered feel.

After browsing Pinterest for wayyyy too long, I found myself drawn to this simple Scandinavian holiday decor style that focuses on simple, clean, natural design.

It's actually a super affordable way to make your space more festive, so I put together a round-up of ideas in case you're just getting started on your holiday decor!


Simple Scandinavian Holiday Decor

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How to easily add this style to your house

1 | Add White

This style is really clean and minimal. So a really easy to give this vibe is just to add a lot more white everywhere. White says winter, especially with hints with evergreen thrown in. I did this just by adding a few white ornaments and garlands to my tree and a few white throw pillows.

2 | Add Hints of Nature

Christmas is all about bringing the outdoors in. So this is a perfect time to experiment with adding wood, pine and eucalyptus to your space. They create a natural, festive vibe without being flashy. I picked up some eucalyptus at Trader joes and placed it in glass jars. But it also looks really nice tied with twine onto presents or with a table setting. If you have a pine tree in your yard, just clip some for DIY ornaments or even a DIY candleholder (pictured above).

3 | Add Candles

White pillar candles gathered together, candlesticks in glass jars, or lit up table runners are so simple and pretty. These can easily be found at dollar stores, or if you want a cleaner option, you could pick up soy, beeswax or even battery operated candles instead.

4 | Add Cozy Touches

There is nothing like curling up with a cozy blanket, warm drink and a good book when it starts getting chilly outside. I especially love the look of ceramic mugs and chunky knit wool blankets in white or cream. If you can find some quality wool material, they look really easy to make yourself!

5 | Add More Hanging Elements

One way to keep a clean, breathable space is to get everything off your surfaces. Focus less on knickknacks and more on hanging elements. I'm excited to try creating some of those wreath rings or geometric star lanterns to hang above my dining table. But you could also keep it simple with stringing mini twinkle lights across your mantel.

What's your favorite decor style for the holidays? Do you tend to love a lot of color and texture or are you into the simple Scandinavian look as well?