Stretch Your Creativity

Stretch Your Creativity! Overcome that fear of being a beginner

 "C'è chi crede in te. Non ti arrendere." -Andrea Bocelli

(There are those who believe in you. Do not give up.)

This sweet quote and a personal note was given to me along with a leather bag that my sister-in-law made herself (by hand!) last Christmas. She has always been super creative to an almost intimidating level - a photographer, artist, musician, dancer, speaker, designer, writer, encourager. My husband's entire family is super artistic, musical and creative.

Something about the words in her note really stuck with me over the next few months...

Don't give up. Let's look ahead, learn new skills, pursue creativity.

After awhile I started doing just that. I made a list of what I really wanted/needed to learn. I joined Skillshare. I took some classes down the street. I went to things where I felt out of place or brand new. I watched Youtube videos that inspired me. I've been learning from other creatives and attempting projects that are totally out of my element.

And it's been magical.

I've heard so many times to dream big and not give up. But very few people tell you how to do that practically. It's so easy to tell yourself your creative idea is a silly one, isn't it? It's so easy to believe you'll never be as talented as that other person. Or to get overwhelmed at the thought of learning as a beginner.

Way too often we limit ourselves, we discourage ourselves, or we refuse to be in a place where we don't know what we're doing. We'd rather not even try than mess up, feel unsure or look stupid.

But I'm going to invite you to do that this coming year. Stretch your creativity.

Just because you may have graduated doesn't mean you have to know what you're doing all the time. NO ONE does. It's silly to even expect that of ourselves. Try something you want to do. Mess up. Look dumb or out of place at first. Let others laugh at you. It's totally okay. It won't last long. Don't focus on how you look. Focus on LEARNING. Focus on what result you want to get.

And if you stretch your creativity and do something different you'll probably have so much fun doing it!

Need some artsy motivation? Here's a bunch of videos of out of the box creative and inspiring stuff..

Royals - Walk Off The Earth

Faded - Digital Dancer

Michael Jackson Tribute - Ohio State Band

Ok Go - The One Moment

Wintergartan - Marble Machine

Box - Projection Mapping

Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix - Radioactive

World's Largest Rainwater Mosaic

Crowder - Shine SMS


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