A Bit of Sweetness

I've never gotten into the whole "choosing a word for the year" thing, but this year while doing my powersheets, a word sort of fell into my lap and is determined to stay. The word? Sweetness. 

Here's a few examples of how I want to incorporate more sweetness into my year:

><><><> MY LOVE <><><><


{1, 2}

Long deep hugs // walks together // hold hands // watch the stars // drink lemonade on the porch // dress up often // plan sweet surprises // share chores and make them fun // go to concerts together // dance in the kitchen // watch the sunset // pray for him

><><><> MY DAY <><><><


{1, 2}

Getting up with the sun // wear cozy socks // daily dance workouts // read books under cozy blankets // sipping warm drinks in the morning // paint and scrapbook even if it never becomes a masterpiece // have good music in my headphones // journal

><><><> ADVENTURES <><><><


{1, 2}

Getting outside // meeting the least and getting to know them // riding bikes // going camping // building sand castles at the beach // playing in the water // trying new restaurants // giving generously // the library // museums

><><><> WITH THE LITTLES <><><><



Wake them with kisses and tickles // nuzzle their cheeks // play hides and seek // join in their favorite games // have dance parties // teach them wisdom // hold their hands // smile at the pitter-pattering of little feet // bake with them and let it get messy// take photos

><><><> FRIENDS & FAM <><><><


{1, 2, 3}

Make time for friends // speak life // dance parties // bake together // write notes // have late night chats on my couch // notice gifts // talk about things that bring joy and giggles // keep an open house // invite in even if there's a mess

><><><> THE BIZ <><><><


{1, 2, 3}

Be bold with color // keep track of encouragement notes // play fun music in the office // be gracious and consistent // delight customers // share dreams // decorate my space // follow inspiring people // be hopeful // rest


In this case sweetness is just the idea of enjoying things with an almost innocent gratefulness for the littlest of details.  I never want to be so "responsible" that I get lost in the stress and schedules, forgetting the simple joys of life.

Did you pick a word for the year? Share links below!