The Balancing Act...Part 1: Home

My balance has always been pretty good. I took dance for 8 years, gymnastics for 1 and have taken a ton of yoga and pilates classes.

But here I am pregnant with Baby #3 and suddenly it's like I'm all thrown off. I'm clumsy and tripping over flat surfaces. I can't get up without doing this awkward side-arm-lean thing. I am dropping stuff like crazy and if I have to bend -and almost fall over this basketball belly one more time....Okay rant over.

The point is that it's humbling not to have perfect balance.

Even though I should have all the credentials and experience to be able to balance everything perfectly, I just can't. I'm carrying too much right now.  

It can also work the same way with work + life.

Whenever we're carrying around way too much in an area, the balance can get a little  

I thought I might share some details about my home life and the things I balance... awkwardly.

Stephen Cosgrove - the husband

The Husband.

This is my cute husband. He is random and silly and insanely thoughtful. We met in middle school and decided we liked each other even though neither of us dressed cool back then...which is good because I still don't dress cool haha. We've been married for seven years and he's still my BFF. I love him.

Micah and Ari Cosgrove - the kids

The Kids

These are my two littles. Micah is 4, Ari is 2 and Baby #3 is due in December. Micah has Autism so they are pretty much at the same age developmentally - learning to be rebellious and independent while actually needing my help with everything. So that means I feel like a crazy person 100% of the time. But they are also hilarious and have such kind hearts and I love them.

Our house

The House

We moved into this house pretty recently and it rocks. Apparently I am supposed to keep it clean and organized while keeping everybody happy and fed (None of which I do very well naturally - as you can see from my unfinished frame wall haha). But I feel beyond lucky to have it and love learning how to get better at all of these things.

Normal everyday details

The Being Normal

Yep i'm listing this as one of my jobs at home because sometimes it's hard to do! Finding time and energy for things like showering and sleep can be tricky haha. So I have to be pretty purposeful to do things that make me feel like a normal person. This means working in time to read, pray, put on makeup, text friends, drink coffee or even just get out of the house alone every once in awhile.

Now it's your turn! What does your balancing act at home look like? Are you single taking care of friends and family or do you manage a house full of children and pets? 

For part 2, I'll be sharing some details about my balancing act when it comes to work:)

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