Design Trends - Beautifully Brushed


1. Dotted Paint Pattern , 2. Lez a Lez Illustration, 3. Abstract Painting, 4. Carpe Diem Pillow, 5. Nike FFF Campaign, 6. Creative Confidence Book, 7. Salt Packaging

I've been seeing a lot of this brushed look in design lately and loving it! This kind of typography is almost a mix between handwriting, calligraphy and graffiti. I love that it gives a real, personal, casual feel without coming across as messy or unprofessional. I also think it looks really amazing as abstract artwork - almost as if the artists wasn't trying hard at all and just happened to create a masterpiece. I'd love to see more of this look in fashion - maybe with some coral, yellow or mint shades or just plain black and white.

What do you think? Would you wear it? Know of any graphic tees with this type? Share below!

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