Ummm... It's 2014 !


Happy New Year!

I'm pretty sure I can't NOT post on goals today. It's good for me anyway because I could use a little accountability. Plus I want to know what yours are so post them in the comments and I'll help keep you on track too:) I'm going a bit crazy and posting 14 goals for 2014 and if I accomplish even a few this month I'll call that a success haha.

1. Read 31 Days to clean book to get my house (and heart) in shape

2. Decor for my bedroom to make it a bit more romantic - right now it's kind of the "hide all of the random crap in here so the rest of the house looks clean" room

3. Add in a chunk of time each week for hands-on crafting like Project Life or DIY art

4. Turn off all screens in my house between 4pm and 8pm to focus on the fam

5. Stop falling back asleep after devos in the morning so I can get my work done before kids wake up

6. Regular floortime and social playtime routines for my Micah boy with autism

7. Begin potty training with both kids....groan...

8. Cook at least 3 nice meals a week for my hottie husband

9. Read, sing, pray routine every night instead of rushing the kiddos straight to bed when the clock strikes 7pm

10. Write more openly and regularly - 3-4x/week is a good goal for me on blog and social media

11. Design 3 new matching marketing sets, forms, and Facebook covers for the new year

12. Introduce Valentines Day card templates to my shop

13. Stop focusing on the Pinterest-worthiness of my house and instead make it a home

14. Make time to connect with friends - invite them into my mess instead of comparing and perfecting

There are my goals! What are yours? Any advice for keeping these?

Stay motivated! Laurie