What to Include in Your Blog Workflow

What to include in your blog workflow plan 

If you've been a blogger for awhile, you've probably got your process down to an art. But if you're just getting started or are just beginning to grow your blog, there's a lot of stumbling blocks you can hit... 

  • You might start on a million ideas and never finish.
  • You post consistently but maybe have a hard time promoting your content.
  • Publishing and promoting could be easy for you but maybe your weak spot is checking up on reader responses.

If you struggle with any of these stages, it might be time to implement a solid blog workflow. 

A blog workflow is a systematic checklist reminding you of each step you need to take from start to finish. It takes the guesswork and strategizing out of the way so you can remember to hit all the important bases.  

The prep work

It's easy to think we can just sit down and write about anything, but blogging takes quite a lot of prep work. List some things you usually need to do before any writing takes place. Do you need to brainstorm ideas, research the statistics, shop for materials, etc. 

The writing process

Everyone has their own method for writing. Do you outline your posts? Check a thesaurus for better wording? Maybe you're the type that has to read through it a few times, send to your closest friends and print it out before hitting publish. Whatever you need to do to get that post finished should be listed next. 

The promotional DETAILS

How do you usually like to let others know when a new post is published? This would be the place to add all of your social media accounts and email lists if they aren't already automated. Do you send your articles to big name sites to try to get published? List your marketing ideas next on your sheet.

The follow up

It's helpful to know how readers responded to your posts so you know what type of content to keep on sharing. You can make notes later to find out if the post was liked, shared, or retweeted. Did you get any helpful comments or feedback? Did readers stay on your site or bounce away after reading it? Write down what things you want to regularly analyze and follow up on. 

Don't have time to make your own workflow checklist? This is one of the essential printables included in the Blog Management worksheet pack

I hope this helps you to remember all the steps you need to take and get all of those drafts published! 

xo, Laurie