Are You In Your Most Productive Role?

Are you in your most productive role? Find your best work style!

"I feel like I'm constantly working but feel like I can't get anything done."

"I have no motivation anymore. I'm exhausted before I even begin."

Do either of these that sound like you? 

I mentioned in this 'What's draining you?' post how we can try to be amazing at everything and sometimes take on roles that we shouldn't. We see other people doing great work in their role and can immediately think, "Hey I should be doing that," without stopping to decide if that's even a strength we have.

As responsible adults, we're able to do jobs well that may not be our best role. But just because we're capable doesn't mean it's a good fit. Doing jobs where we "fake it" can lead to being really tired and burned out quickly.  

That's why it's so helpful to know your best work style for productivity. You can know what kind of tasks you'll rock at, what kind of weaknesses to watch out for and what action steps you can take to grow. 

What's your productivity work style? Are you the visionary, creator, administrator or manager

What's Your Productivity Work Style?

The Visionary // All about the big picture 

  • You spend your best time dreaming, strategizing and coming up with innovative ideas.

  • You're the mastermind behind new projects and probably great at keeping up with trends.

  • There's a good chance you have a reputation for having your head in the clouds.

  • You may struggle with the small details and accomplishing the ideas you dream up.

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The Creator // All about getting things done 

  • You like to take action and might prefer to work with your hands.

  • You're naturally task-oriented: a builder, designer, writer, crafter, maker, producer, etc.

  • You're probably constantly asking, "When do we start?"

  • You might struggle with procedures and rules if they get in the way of completing the job.

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The Administrator // All about systems and policies 

  • You care about how things get done and are often seen handling the small details..

  • You're a pro at making sure the correct rules and regulations are followed.

  • You probably love to make lists, fill out forms and get plans in order.

  • You might struggle with change or finding new ways to do things.

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The Manager // All about taking care of the team 

  • Your time is best spent supervising, overseeing, networking and bringing people together.

  • Your often seen resolving conflicts and helping all jobs to run smoothly.

  • You like to help individuals come together and create a stronger group.

  • You might struggle with getting things done on your own personal agenda.

How to apply your work style to be most productive

How to Apply Your Work Style

Now that you know which roles you do most naturally (or at least the top two), you can start to make decisions based on them. For example, if you're a Visionary you could hire an Administrative type to help you take care of the small details that drain you. Or if you're a Creator, maybe you could team up with a Visionary to help you know where to spend your efforts.

The most important decision you can make is to stop being discouraged about the roles you don't excel at naturally.

God has made you so very unique and awesome. He has purposes for you that need the type of gifts you have. Instead of trying to be amazing at everything and getting REALLY overwhelmed, you can focus in on what you do best. Allow others to use their unique work styles and help you take care of the rest. 

"There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work." 1 Cor. 12:6

(Note: I did not come up with these work style labels. They are based on the PAEI model and you can learn more about it here.)