When It's Okay To Fail Miserably At Your To-do List

No one likes to fail. 

We like the quotes that say, "You got this!" "Go be amazing today!" Or "Anything you believe is possible to achieve!"

You don't see many of these quotes on twitter: "Feel free to eat a whole bag of Oreos!" "Let your kids trash the house and ignore your five loads of laundry today!" Or "Sit on your couch watching trash TV! For hours!"

(Admit it - the second set actually sound kind of awesome, don't they? I love Oreos.)

There comes a time when we have to be human and accept defeat. 

Here are some of my goal fails this month...

*Blogging - okay there wasn't a set February Goal but it's kind of sad that I only posted ONCE this month. Sorry blog friends.

*Get Pretty challenge - this was a goal to bless my husband by actually doing makeup and hair beyond a messy bun and dressing cute everyday this month. Guess how many times this has happened? ...mmmm...maybe twice? That's being generous though.

*Shop + site Launch - which was supposed to happen this last Wednesday did not happen. My little girl got the stomach flu so I'm blaming it on that. But mostly it's because I'm not superwoman. (FYI - Should be ready at the beginning of next week!) 

*Rebranding all 500 of my Beauty Divine Products - yeah I'm gonna have to settle with about 50 for now and hope that customers won't get too confused. 

Looking at the above list should make me pretty depressed, but here's why I'm not...

People got my time this month. I was able to soak up some sweet life moments like birthday parties, mom and sister days, seeing nieces and nephews, playing games with my kids, having "cooing" convos with my baby and late night talks with my husband.   

I found myself worrying that I was being "unproductive" but maybe being with others is one of the most productive things we can do with our time. I'm so glad I got to soak up those giggles and hugs and random conversations. 

Those are the times I think it's totally okay to fail miserably at your to-do list. 

Even if it means the laundry and house cleaning have to wait so you can eat a whole bag of oreos with a friend while watching tv for hours:) 

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