Website Process

-Benefits of a simple website (why squarespace)

As a front door to your business, blog, or shop, you really want to have something easy to keep branded and maintained. 

If you've ever spent hours trying to solve a problem or decode an error message on your site, you know this to be true. Or maybe you've been on a business website and have been unable to get it to load or unable to find their location, hours, contact info, etc.

It's so frustrating! You want to make it as easy as possible for your people to find what they need from you without spending hours and hours maintaining it. 


My Experience With Wordpress & Other Platforms

Being in the graphic design field, I've been able to try out quite a few different website design platforms for myself and my clients over the last decade. I've spent a lot of time in Wordpress and Shopify, and then have also used a little bit of Blogger, Prophoto, Showit, and Wix. I am not a developer. I only know basic html and a little css. That's it.

So with my experience and after having a taste of each, my go to pick is 100% Squarespace. 

(In fact, any time that I'm designing in another platform for a client, and issues just won't stop coming up, I'm constantly saying in my frustration, "THIS IS WHY I USE SQUARESPACE!")

There's something to be said for a website that just works the way it's supposed to. All the time. 

I know everyone has different needs for their site, but I absolutely love it and wholeheartedly recommend it for creatives who just want something simple, beautiful and easy to maintain.

You can avoid so many headaches and being frustrated to the point of tears by having something that isn't overrun with errors.

Wondering if switching to Squarespace will solve your website problems?

Let's break it down...

-What’s included > Timeline > Pricing  *Section Copy (Bulleted list)

*Squarespace strategy session - Identify website goals, direction & viewer roadmap

*5 Squarespace page designs - Your choice of priority pages to create a full experience

*Squarespace training - Learn how to maintain your site and confidently make changes in the future

*Brand style guide - A clear set of brand rules when it comes to colors, fonts, usage for a consistent feel

*Two week turnaround - So you can get started using your website right away

*Bonus: Social launch plan - Reveal your new website to the world in a way that builds excitement

$1250 ($50 to reserve your spot, $600 at the start date and $600 before final site delivery)

-Brand + Website package > Timeline > Pricing *Section Copy (Bulletin list)

Need a brand makeover before your site is designed?

Combined Brand & Squarespace Services

$1650 ($350 discount! $50 to reserve your spot, $800 at the start date and $800 before file & site delivery)

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