Work Life Balance Title 

Making time for a business, blog and relationships is tough. If you’re a solopreneur, you take photos, write content, and manage schedules. You provide the service or create the products. You’re in charge of finances, marketing, support. Your jobs might also include juggling meals, cleaning, raising kids and running a home.

There’s a weird awkward phase between making enough to pay yourself and making enough to hire a team. If you’re not quite to the point of having employees and worry you'll always be behind, don’t stress! A little planning and helpful tools can go a long way.

It also helps to know you have a friend that gets it and is cheering you on! That's where I come in. I'm Laurie, 32-year-old designer, wife, and mom of 3 living in the Midwest.

I’m all about streamlining, automating and creating systems to eliminate the need for a huge team. And if you eventually get to the point of wanting to hire help, having it all organized means you’ll all be efficient. Win win.

When I first started my own journey as a solopreneur in 2011, I was blogging, marketing products and trying to connect on social media all while helping run a youth ministry, keep my house clean and raise a toddler with autism.

Since then we've moved twice and added two more babies to our family. So I'm no stranger to the tension that comes with being in charge of a lot of things. I get it: work + life can be stressful even if you love every part of it. My purpose is to simplify work and create an intentional home life.

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