10 Fun Ideas for a Date Night At Home (Part 2)

10 Fun Home Date Night Ideas!

Last week, I shared how we make date nights at home super fun. If that left you wondering what to do together though, no worries! This week I'm sharing ideas to get you thinking and planning your own awesome date nights:)

Here's 10 Fun Ideas for the Date Night In...

1. Build a Fort! 

This date will make you feel like kids again but you can create a more grown-up version by adding details like candles (battery operated), rose petals and twinkle lights. Eat non-messy food and watch a movie for a slumber party in your awesome fort. To keep up the fun factor, be sure to start at least one pillow fight when your guy is least expecting it;)

Romantic fort with battery operated tea-lights, roses and twinkle lights! Baby can assist:)

Romantic fort with battery operated tea-lights, roses and twinkle lights! Baby can assist:)

2. Bust Out the X-box

A little healthy competition is good for you both. One rule is that it can't be one person watching while the other kills zombies all night. Find something fun for you both to play and battle it out. You'll also want to surround yourselves with junk food like pizza, chips and gummy bears. Sugar is a must for this date. 

3. Low Key Game Night

If video games are too intense, try something more low key like board games or playing cards. You can change up any of the rules to make any game fun for two. Add double points for finding flirty words in Boggle or Scrabble. Make the loser pay you in foot massages haha. 

4. Wine & Dine

Make a super romantic spread with wine, cheese, crackers and appetizers. You can also add a dessert portion by using nutella with crackers or fruit. We listened to Gotan Project and went  through some of these Not-So-Newlywed questions.

date night string lights

5. Comedy Night

We love watching funny shows like 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' or some of the comedians on Netflix. If you're brave you can even challenge each other to a game of Charades. There's something so great about getting out of your comfort zone for a little improv. For this date we picked up Mexican food but you can mix it up however you want. 

6. Be a Good Sport

Whenever a bigger sports event is going on like College World Series baseball, World Cup Soccer, the Olympics etc. it's fun to form a date around it. My favorite was March Madness Bball with wings and a homemade beer tour. Or if you don't drink, replace the beer with cheesecake. Because...well...cheesecake goes with everything;) 

7. Try the Classics

For this date the two of you can watch classic black and white movies. You could keep it sweet with Italian food and a romantic flick. Or pick a murder mystery with popcorn and cuddle close under blankets during the scary parts:) 

Date night roses

8. Fondue Night

Make your date extra fond of you with a fondue night! (See what I did there?) I'm sure there are more official ways to set it up, but all you really need is some amazing melted chocolate or cheese. Then put together a platter of things to dip in it like fruit, crackers, bread or cake, marshmallows, etc. We played a spouse version of "Would You Rather?" while we ate.

9. Throwback 

We love thinking back to sweet memories. On this date you can bring out the photo albums and remind each other of the stories that made past moments great. We also did a similar set up with music that was SO FUN. We just looked up songs to play for each other on Youtube that brought back a blast from the past story. Fair warning: awesome music leads to awesome dance moves!

10. Go Back to the Beginning

Another way to bring back the past is to relive your first date! Get as close as you can to eating the same food, doing the same activity, listening to the same music, etc. If you've been together for awhile it's really funny to talk about what you two were like back then..what you were wearing, what you were thinking, ridiculous things you did to impress each other, etc. Going back to the start makes you realize all that you've been through together and why you still rock as a couple today. 

I want to know... have you had any really fun date nights at home? Let's all help each other by sharing more ideas in the comments!