5 Ways to Start Your Day Strong

5 Ways to Start Your Day Strong

The way you spend your morning sets the tone for the entire day. If I get off to a bad start, I find it really hard to hit the "reset button" and make it positive. But if I start the day off strong, it just multiplies until the whole day is amazing.

I would love to wake up everyday thankful to be alive and not worried or dreading the day ahead. Besides the usual advice of eating right, exercising and laying out clothes ahead of time, I think being purposeful with how I spend that first hour awake is crucial. Here are just a few of the habits I've formed to help me start out on the right foot...

Start Off With Your Favorite Hobby

It might mean you have to wake up a little earlier, but start out with your most favorite thing to do. Maybe you love to sketch or take photos or organize your house. I personally love to read and watch shows on Netflix (Not productive at all haha) but rarely get the chance to do those things. So if I have to wake up super early to feed the baby, it's kind of fun to crawl back in bed and read after I get him back to sleep. Great way to start the day.  

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Make a Morning Playlist

Music is so powerful and really messes with our thoughts and moods. You can use this to your advantage by creating a morning playlist that gets you thinking positive thoughts. I love listening to powerful lyrics that make me thankful for what I have or more purposeful. Or if I'm attempting to work out early, listening to upbeat music first makes me WANT to get up and move. 

Open Your Bible

I tend to shy away from reading my Bible when I first wake up because it takes deep thinking and my mind is usually half asleep haha. But last year I started doing it anyway using She Reads Truth and it makes such a big difference in my day. Even if I spend only 5 minutes, I find it much easier to be patient, kind, others-centered, etc. because those little reminders of truth have been plugged in to my brain early.

Get Writing

Keep a notebook or journal by your bed and write before you get out of it. This is the perfect time of day for this because you might still be in that kind of creative dreamy state (before the logical side of your brain wakes up to critique you.) If you don't HAVE to write for a job or blog or anything, you can still do it just to get your creativity up. Write your prayers, your day plan, or journal your dreams just for fun. Another highlight of writing early is that there are less interruptions. Most people (especially the little ones) will be sleeping so you can keep your thoughts flowing.

Tackle the Hard Stuff

This doesn't sound fun, but if you get those big, heavy to-do list items done early you will feel so much more free the rest of the day. Instead of worrying and dreading them all day long, don't put them off. Just do those things you really don't want to FIRST and then the rest of your day will be freed up of those stressors. You'll feel an instant mood boost when those things get taken off your plate. 

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Your turn! What steps do you take to start your day off strong?

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