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Well hello again!

I was just realizing that whoa, the last personal post I did was back in February and the last actual post (before yesterday) was back in June. So I'm thinking it’s about time for some catching up!

For the 3.5 people who actually remember back to the New Year, it was my goal to add a little "sweetness" into my life. And what I meant by that was slowing down and making room for all the things that make life sweet - prioritizing the important over the urgent.

Because of that mindset, I decided to take the summer off from social media, blogging and new templates (mostly). Now that it's September, it's time to get back to "work" and connecting with you again. SO excited! Here are some much needed updates:)

Behind the scenes - Laurie Cosgrove Design

New Additions

At the start of the year, I had some big plans to launch a new business - or to rebrand/expand Beauty Divine Design. The idea was to add in planning and organization tools, workbooks, ebooks and physical products for creatives/small business owners.

BUT sometimes God likes to change my plans or postpone them:)

So instead of going crazy with launching quickly, we are going to be welcoming a new baby! The little guy is due around Christmas and that is way more exciting (at least to us) than new products. Sometimes the unexpected things can be the BEST gifts and so we are rolling with the changes a third baby will bring.

Project Rebrand/Expand is still in the works...just maybe at a slower pace. I'd love for you to send me your ideas while we're still in the planning phase so feel free to share your thoughts!

Behind the scenes | Beauty Divine Design before the Rebrand

New Products

The question that usually follows... "Are you done launching new templates?"

No way! If anything, this period of summer rest brought on tons of creative ideas and I can't wait to release new fall and winter templates!

What template designs to expect over the next few months...

New Save the Dates, Christmas Cards, Family Albums, Marketing & Form sets and maybe even a Planning Guide in time for the New Year.

This is also a great time to put in your requests/ideas if you have them!

Updates on Micah's Autism Diagnosis

Behind the Scenes

I was so encouraged by the support I received after posting my son Micah's autism diagnosis and I've had a few questions about he's doing. I'd love to share some follow-up posts about this in better detail but the short answer is that he is doing amazing! It has really helped to be surrounded by family again and the resources in Omaha. (For newer readers, in the last year we moved from doing youth ministry in Great Bend, Kansas back to our hometown for this extra help.)

Micah just turned 4 and is now enrolled in a preschool program for special education. He DOES finally say "I love you mommy" and I've been blown away this last year by how he's grown. Before the move, he had maybe 40 words and was not really able to imitate which made teaching him anything really hard. Now his vocabulary has quadrupled and he's able to imitate very well now, even pretending and initiating play with others. He dropped nearly all of his sensory issues and hyperactivity. The really hard tantrums and tummy issues are improving a lot too.

It's hard to attribute so much growth in him to any one thing - but we've changed his diet, spent hours and hours working at home with him, surrounded him with a lot of social opportunities (like a VERY talkative sister and weekly adventures with his cousins) and added in professional help from the school. I feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives who just GET IT. Side note: If you are going through something similar, want some good resources or just need to talk to someone who gets it - don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to talk with you! I think that sums up a lot of the questions I've been getting. Now I'm excited to hear from you!

What have you learned this summer? What big things has your business been going through? Send me a message or comment below!

xo, Laurie

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