Day 13 - Can you repeat that? Using repetition to create unity



Welcome to Day #13 of the 31 Days to Better Branding series! To learn more about this series, click here and find links to the other days so you'll be able to follow along or catch up if you happen to miss anything. I am by no means an expert but after hearing a lot of the same questions, I figured others could benefit from a few lessons in branding. Hopefully it will give you a place to begin or even just a few tips to improve your business and bring you more clients. Feel free to add in your thoughts and what has worked for you in the comments!

"My design doesn't seem to flow"

This is one comment I hear a lot. Do you ever have that feeling that you can't get things to look like they go together? One way to keep the flow going is to add some repetition to unify a look. Repetition creates a visual flow and strengthens the organization of your brand. Here are four quick ways to add in a some unity...

Colors // Could you repeatedly add in a few splashes of one color to text, images, or backgrounds? I love when people do this maybe without even realizing it. (For example, check out Gala Darling's instagram - always a pop of pink!) Look over your online presence and ask where you could repeat that color - in a heading, main image or with your social media buttons? (For example, see the blog NubbyTwiglet - love her little touches of red.) How about adding in a few similarly colored decor items in your physical studio or office?

Shapes // Do you lean toward straight lines or smooth curves? What shapes do you already have in your branding? Check your logo design or background pattern. Could you repeat that shape as a divider or border somewhere else? Check out the blog New Nostalgia - hello circles!)

Wording // Sometimes you can coordinate terms and series titles. (For example -  Beyonce's blog is the Beyhive). Could you come up with phrases or category names to repeat a certain theme? I could be as simple as limiting all of your headlines to be one word long or keeping all of your subtitles worded the same way.

Images // Make all of your images the same size to create repetition. You can also group them with nice alignment in blogboards or frame them all out in circles, squares, grids, etc. You could use a similar filter over all of your images or keep the same vintage color tones in every image.

When it comes to repetition, keep in mind that everything does not have to be identical. You don't want to overdo it, but it helps to have some similarities throughout your branding. Not only will your design feel more organized but you will also create a recognition for your style.

Homework: Evaluate the unity of your branding design. Spend some time working with your colors, shapes, wording or images to make them more unified. And if you're already pretty coordinated, just give yourself a high-five:)