31 Days to Better Branding - Day One: An Introduction



Today begins the 31 Days to Better Branding! I decided to do this series after hearing the same things over and over from photographers  I work with on a regular basis. It seems to be a common struggle - not just with photographers - but with a lot of small business owners. Here are some of the recurring statements I hear when it comes to helping develop a brand or design identity…

“I have no idea where to start.”

“My logo needs serious help! It’s not 'me’ at all.”

“My style is all over the place.”

“I need to develop an online presence so that new clients can find me.”

Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, this month is going to be the perfect chance to remedy all of those things! It’s a new year and that usually means new beginnings. That’s exactly where we’re going to start – right at the beginning. So whether you are just getting started in your business or needing a brand makeover, this month is all about helping you get it all sorted!

Here’s what we’ll cover… (Plan may change along the way)

Week 1 – Identity

Day 2 // Better branding =  more income

Day 3 // Getting your style just right

Day 4 // How you really appear to clients

Day 5 // Attracting your ideal clients

Day 6 // Using your voice in your writing

Day 7 // Tackling your bio + slogan

Week 2 – Appearance

Day 8 // Evaluating your logo

Day 9 // Create Some Room To Breathe

Day 10 // Setting the mood

Day 11 // Choosing type that speaks volumes

Day 12 // Playing with patterns

Day 13 // Can you repeat that? Using repetition to bring it together

Day 14 // Color love

Week 3 – Online Presence

Day 15 // Consistency is key

Day 16 // Social media myths and what you really need to know

Day 17 // Blogging essentials

Day 18 // Blog content that works

Day 19 // Rocking your Facebook page

Day 20 // Website 101

Day 21 // Creating a website viewers never want to leave

Week 4 – Marketing

Day 22 // Perfect packaging

Day 23 // How to gain expert status in your field

Day 24 // Getting clients to talk about you

Day 25 // Following up – earning trust from your clients

Day 26 // Getting ahead of the competition without comparing or copying

Day 27 // Learning to network

Week 5 – Making It Work

Day 28 // My Work Schedule

Day 29 // Getting organized

Day 30 // Finding balance

Day 31 // Your Questions Answered!

So right about now you are thinking this looks like a lot of fun or a lot of work! Maybe it will be both?! It’s definitely going to take some effort on your part but we are going to keep it simple and fun. I might even throw in a fancy worksheet to help break it down and a giveaway here and there for some motivation. Sound good? Let's go!