More Is Not Always Better: do some editing

More Is Not Always Better - When It's Time To Edit Your Schedule

This post is Day 2 of the 31 Days to a Super-Purposeful Schedule series.

I think we're trained to think that more always equals better. 

More followers. More content. More projects. More stuff to buy. More things to get done. 

We forget that "more" brings along extra baggage: Divided attention. Extra responsibilities. Maintenance. 


I recently realized I had subscribed to over 690 email newsletters. 

I promise I'm not obsessively signing up for every newsletter I find. (Although I did really want to during yesterday's #write31days launch:)) I've been using the Unroll.Me service for a few years and just happened to glance at how many email lists have been either rolled up, unsubscribed or kept in my inbox. SIX. HUNDRED. AND. NINETY.

That's a lot of email! I would have been manually scanning or deleting each one everyday if I hadn't found a handy tool to do it for me. That's not even counting business emails, shop messages and random love notes from my man;)

I would seriously be drowning in email right now and not able to write this post. 

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Drowning in email - when it's time to do some purposeful editing

Maybe it's time to do some editing.

 I'm not just talking about simplifying and doing less. But also killing what's not working.

What's frustrating you on a daily basis? What's regularly stealing your time? What isn't resonating with your audience? What's draining your batteries? What do just honestly not want manage and maintain anymore?

Go on an editing spree!

When I first did this exercise, I deactivated 150 products on Etsy.

They were either not selling or distracting from my brand style. I realized there was a difference between offering more options and just overwhelming customers. I was making them search through all of the things they didn't want to get to the best items. I did redeem a few to update them but the rest were just costing me fees, time and energy to maintain.

This time I'm editing out Target trips.

Don't laugh! What started out as an easy way to get us all out of the house while grabbing household supplies and coffee turned into a bad habit. Do you know how hard it is to leave Target without spending at least $30? There's always something else we "need" that creeps into the cart. (Like snacks, cute notebooks and hot wheels!) Also, toddler tantrums in the store and finding eight pairs of socks and shoes to get there can actually be really stressful. 

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Today's Action Step:

Find at least one thing to edit out of your schedule and decide what you're making more room for. Share below! You can also think out more specific ideas in the SPS workbook. (*Note: if you're already subscribed and are having trouble accessing the Free Resources page to download your workbook, email me for a refresher on the password! xo)

xo, Laurie