31 Days to a Super-Purposeful Schedule #write31days

31 Days to a Super-Purposeful Schedule #write31days
If you choose your life’s work well, something bewitching can happen through your labors. Each hour you log can be a source of joy.
— -Laura Vanderkam, Author of 168 Hours

Life is too sweet for every day to be lived in chaos.

I was realizing earlier this season that my life can get really, really chaotic. As much as I'm obsessed with planning and organizing it all out into a stack of pretty notebooks, it still tends to get messy if I get distracted for too long. 

I work from home as a graphic designer with three kids under 5. One has autism, one is a tiny adult chatterbox and the youngest is learning to crawl and can occasionally be found eating my plants. (Micah -5, Ari -3, Simon -9 months) These crazy littles and my silly-sweet husband were entrusted to me and they deserve the world. So I want to use my time wisely. 

I want to be super-purposeful.

I want to be sure I'm taking care of the important and not just the urgent. Not just to accomplish more tasks but to be faithful to the mission I feel God has given me.

You too? Awesome! Let's start with our schedules.

This month is the #write31days challenge! The month's overview is below and will get updated often so bookmark this page (or subscribe to get on the email list below.) I'm also releasing a part of the workbook to subscribers each week so these ideas will be really actionable! 

The 31 Day Series Overview





Each of these topics will be linked as we get to them so be sure to come back here if you miss a day! I'd love for you to team up with me, sending me your thoughts and questions to be answered over Twitter or on Q&A day.

Here's to getting super-purposeful friends!

xo, Laurie


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