The May Download Pack is Here!

May 2016 Free Download Pack

I am loving May so far! How about you?

This month's download pack for blog subscribers is here! If you're feeling the need to freshen up your workspace and processes, I think you're going to love it. Here's what's inside...

* A floral monthly calendar printable for your notebook/bulletin board
* A watercolor wallpaper to add a little brightness to your desktop
* A pre-made postcard template to use for spring sales or just sharing family portraits with your friends (+instructions/font links)
* Two worksheets to help organize your workflow and work-space. I know it's extra hard to focus when it's beautiful outside and everything is a mess inside. (I'll share some tips and how I use mine later in the month.)

If you haven't already signed up for the list, I can't wait for you to join! Click here.

*Example images shown above in the postcard template by The Schultzes.

(Note: If you're already on the list and didn't receive your May download pack in your inbox yesterday, you can find it in the Free Resource Library and contact me here to check that I have your correct email address.)

Happy May!
xo, Laurie