Motivation: Be Inspired


It's finally starting to settle down after our move to Omaha but the last month or two has been beyond crazy! Between organizing, cleaning, packing, goodbye parties, moving, then unpacking, more organizing while chasing kids around, we were feeling a little frazzled. It took a lot to get motivated to do all of the above when we really felt like taking a nap!

The hardest part was knowing where to start. So something I tried to do whenever I had to tackle my to-do list was to be inspired.

For example, when I had to clean and organize my messy bedroom in order to be packed I looked up these 8 Steps For Rescuing a Room. Or when I was SO done with packing, I tried to find a fun timer app to inspire me to get it all done in small chunks of time (I love the 30/30 app). When I was stuck trying to rearrange furniture, I quickly scrolled through my Home Decor pinterest board for ideas.

It might feel a little like procrastinating or stalling, but just give yourself 5-10 minutes to look for inspiration so you don't get sidetracked. And then GO get it done!

Stay motivated!

xo, Laurie