Luminous & Authentic: Two New Marketing Bundles In the Shop

Luminous & Authentic - Two New Marketing Bundles In the Shop

This time of year, everyone always wants to know the same thing...

"How can I get my brand to look consistent and professional?"

Marketing sets are an ideal way to step up your brand game without spending weeks or months designing. These bundles are complete with key elements like business cards, letterheads, trifold brochures, facebook covers, matching forms and contracts, and now even mini welcome magazines!

All layers are separate and color customizable so everything can be tweaked, changed and rearranged. Or keep it simple and just change out your photos and information. Here's what's included in these two new bundles:

-2 Logo/Watermark Designs
-Business Cards (2x3.5)
-Letterhead (8.5x11)
-Thank You Card (4x5.5 folded)

-8 Instagram Post Templates (1200x1200px) (Luminous Set Only)
-Facebook Cover (Updated to fit the new 2016 FB layout)
-Tri-fold Brochure (5x5)
-Post Card (4x5.5)
-Gift Certificate (4x5.5)
-Address Label (7.25x0.625)
-Circle Sticker (3x3)
-2 Image Boxes (4x6, 5x7, hold 200 images) (Authentic Set Only)

-8-Page Welcome Magazine (Authentic Set Only)

-Price List Sheet
-Client Order Agreement
-Model Release Form
-Image Release Form
-Client Information Form
-Customer Invoice

Not sure if you need the entire bundle? Now you can also purchase a smaller "brand basics" set or choose individual elements out of the set in the Etsy Shop.

-Business Cards

-Trifold Brochure

-Instagram/Facebook Sets

-Mini Welcome Magazine

-Brand Basics (Logos, Business Cards, Thank You Cards, Letterheads, Brandboard)

Check out these and all of the other marketing sets in the shop here!