Have A Date Night In! (Part 1)

Have a Date Night at Home

Going out on dates is expensive! This is especially true when you have little ones in the picture. By the time you've paid a babysitter, left a tip for your server and spent on gas or parking you've almost doubled the cost of the actual date. But I'm sure you can agree that alone time as a couple is much needed. So what to do?

Have your weekly date nights IN!

Here's how to make it fun...

Take turns planning the date.

We used to get so frustrated not being able to decide on something to do. So now instead of discussing it, one of us plans the whole thing. Each week one person is responsible for choosing where to pick up dinner/snacks, drinks, the activity and creating a fun atmosphere. Then we switch the following week. It's fun to get competitive and see who can plan a better date. You can be creative with themed nights or make them try things you'd never be able to otherwise. 

Keep your date plan a surprise.

This is what makes it awesome and something to look forward to all week. We give each other hints and clues but don't share the plan until date night. Sometimes we even make each other wait until the kids are in bed to reveal the surprise plan. I think this also gives us a little extra push to make it a good date instead of just throwing together something lame last minute. 

Get Take Out

Being at home doesn't mean you have to miss out on yummy restaurant food. Once the plan has been revealed, my husband goes to pick up the food while I take a little extra time to get ready or get kids settled in bed. I also love that there's at least one night a week I don't have to worry about cooking or a meal plan. 


Go all out getting ready for your date.

I try to get dressed up with full hair and makeup done as if I was actually going out. So put in extra effort on this night of the week. (You can even try out something you'd never be brave enough to wear in public.) I like this because I don't feel as guilty if I happen to wear messy buns and comfy clothes the rest of the week;)  

No distractions.

This is one night I am totally okay with putting on a movie for the kids near bedtime or putting them to bed a little early. We keep phones turned off (Don't Instagram your date photos until it's over haha.) so we only focus on each other. There was one night where family members wanted to stop by to hang out, but we had to make each other a priority and say, "We're on a date. Sorry!"

Note: Obviously without a sitter, you'll still occasionally get interruptions from the kids. We try to just roll with it and get them settled as quickly as we can so we can get back to the date. You can also explain to the kids that's it your special date night so only get up if its an emergency.

We've been pretty amazed at how fun a date night in can be. I think we talk more deeply and are free to be more silly than we would out in public. We almost don't even miss going out and tend to only get sitters for special occasions now. 

Need some ideas for a fun home date? Check out Part 2! 

What are your favorite things to do together as a couple at home?

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