Yay it's the first post! Woot! Well hello there!

I've been planning the launch of this blog + site for almost a year now and I'm so very excited to finally launch! 

So you're thinking..."Um...great!...and who are you?"

Laurie Cosgrove

Oh yes...I'm Laurie Cosgrove I have been in charge of my own business, designing, blogging, marketing and sales for about 4 years now. During that time I had 2 1/2 babies (the half is on the way), dated my sweet husband, helped run a youth ministry, managed a household, moved a few times and then started some other crazy ventures you'll hear about soon.  

During that time I realized something... Balancing work and life is hard. Like really hard. 

Especially when you wear all the hats - the stage of working for yourself before you are able to hire much help. I've been feeling like people in this stage need some serious encouragement. There is such a sweetness to life that can be missed out on if we get too busy, stressed, and distracted. 

So that's pretty much the heartbeat of this site.

Need some help prioritizing and planning? Finding motivation when you feel so stressed you could cry? Or maybe you just need a friend to tell you what direction to take and then help you make the next right step. 

Awesome. This is the place to start. 

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