My Vision + Printable Worksheets

As a creative business owner, I've been noticing a couple of trends in my work + home over the last few years that might sound familiar to you...

Disorganized paper pile

Problem #1: Being naturally disorganized

We creatives are known for being slightly messy, scattered thinkers. We are able to produce brilliant work but it takes the right kind of motivation and timing. I personally have to be in "the zone" to work or it's just not going to happen. I could definitely use some help getting all of the details down and right in front of me. 

Connecting over coffee

Problem #2: Pressure to be known

I mentioned in this post that feeling of wanting to grow bigger, for everyone to know your name or your work. There is a constant pressure to have a high number of views, followers, connections and of course, sales. But never a clear path to get there or even a standard to know when you've actually "arrived."

Time balance and stacked books

Problem #3: Balance

Managing a home and a business or blog is a LOT. There are so many roles and jobs to fill to keep everything in working order and everybody happy. If you're filling all of those roles yourself, it's even tougher. I have a ton of support from my husband, family and friends but I still sometimes get super stressed if I have a deadline. I'm doing what I love but it's always a struggle to stay balanced. 

Planning worksheets to get organized


I know from experience that I'm not the only creative that struggles with these things. So my vision is to create some awesome products, content and tools to help us through. 

More than just a blog and shop, I want Laurie Cosgrove Design to be a resource

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in the coming days, weeks, and months...

*31 Days to a Better Work + Life Balance - starts tomorrow! This series will help build a foundation for a healthy business and home

*Freebies - As part of the 31 Days above, I'll be offering up some free printables to help you take what you're learning and apply it to your own organization

*Printable Worksheets & Video E-courses - Getting started sometime this fall! Sometimes bigger areas need a little extra focus. I want to create resources you can download or print for topics on time management, business, blogging, social media, finances, record-keeping etc. 

Time balance and stacked books

Here's how you can add to the process...

Tell me what kind of things feel disorganized in your life. Besides daily to-dos, what kind of thoughts often feel jumbled in your head? (Ways to reach new clients and followers, organize your house, meals for the week, managing kids, using your strengths, etc.)  

I'm so excited for us to team up and feel a little less crazy in this stage of life!