The Balancing Act...Part 2: Work

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Is it weird that I actually LIKE to work? 

I get asked all the time about my schedule and how I find the energy to work with such a busy home life. But the truth is, working is like mommy vaca to me sometimes haha. I love begin able to sit down in my office with my coffee and to-do lists. It rocks to slip on some headphones and create something awesome.

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Here's what I'm balancing when it comes to work...

I'm the owner of Laurie Cosgrove Design, where for the last four years I've been creating pre-made templates for photographers. Eventually I'd love to starting to offer printable worksheets, workbooks & classes in the shop for other solopreneurs as well. I try to regularly blog and post on Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up to date on that excitement!  

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The biggest problem I run into isn't motivation, it's not always having ENOUGH time to work.

There are definitely days where I just have to be okay with not getting everything done that I want to because I wear all the hats... 

I'm in charge of designing products, blogging, marketing, advertising, finances, record keeping, customer service, social media, organizing, planning new content, running websites, updating policies, art directing, taking and editing photos, goal setting,'s all me.

That would be perfectly manageable if I worked 12 hour days. 

I work about an average of 2-3 hours a day. 

So the "Balancing Act" becomes figuring out how to fit 12+ hours of work into those 2-3 hours every day.

Mostly I try to be really, really efficient and pray that no dire problem interrupts me haha. 

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Can you relate?

I know a lot of entrepreneurs are able to hire help but there is definitely those who are in the stage of growth before they can do that. My goal with this blog and future products will be to help make this stage easier and less stressful. 

In fact, for the month of October, I'll be doing a 31 Day series of Work + Life Balance so be sure to check back if that would be helpful for you! 

What's your work balancing act like? Do you run a business? A blog? Share your links below!

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