31 Days to a Better Work + Life Balance

If you run a biz/blog on your own while managing a home and family at the same time YOU KNOW: It's hard! Keeping track of details and keeping up with to-dos can seem impossible sometimes.  

The heartbeat of this blog is for those of us right in the middle of this tension to find sweetness and balance...

I see you over there trying to juggle the meals, cleaning, schedules, blog posts and projects. You take your own photos, write your own content and swim through all the finances. You’re doing your best to make everyone happy and hoping to just grab a second to rest and enjoy the moment before it passes you by.
— From my About Page:

The next 31 days are going to be about laying down a good foundation and looking to the Lord for the ultimate wisdom. After all, He gave us our talents, passions, the people in our life and He knows how to best manage them.

Here's what you can expect...


Each of these topics will be linked as we get to them so be sure to come back here if you miss a day! I'd love for you to team up with me, sending me your thoughts and questions to be answered on Q&A day.

Here's to making work + life a lot less stressful and a little more sweet! 

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