The 30 Minute Roundhouse Clean

The 30 Minute Roundhouse Clean - system for keeping a consistently picked up house

I always go back and forth about how much to talk about my home life on the blog as a designer. But after sharing about cleaning and zones in these two posts: 25 Ways to Get Organized During Busy Seasons and A Steady Not Stressful Cleaning Plan, I've gotten a lot of questions asking me to clarify how I deal with the everyday clutter. If you work at home like me, I totally think having a clean space can help you be more productive.

Just to be up front, I am NOT a naturally clean and organized person. My husband and I are the stereotypical creative types that don't notice details and tend to leave messes and piles wherever we go. Both of us struggle to clean up after ourselves. Oh yeah, and we have three small kids so spills happen pretty much every hour haha. BUT our house stays pretty clean most days because I roundhouse kick it. 

Instead of spending all day cleaning, I spend 30 minutes every morning doing what I call the "Roundhouse Clean." I was so sick of being a human picker-upper ALL DAY LONG and just wanted to have a moment when I could say, "Okay the housework is done. On to other things!"

Want to give it a try? Here's how it works...

The Roundhouse Clean

Grab Cleaning Supplies

Before you start, grab all the essentials. I use Honest company products because they smell good and get the job done without harsh chemicals. (I have an autistic guy who can only process so many toxins before his system gets overloaded. So this is important!)

Here's what I start with...


Pick A Place To Start

Choose a room to start in and then ALWAYS START THERE. It helps you to form a habit and not get distracted. I start in my bedroom and then do a complete circle all the way around the house so I end in the kitchen. Every room I finish gives me a boost of motivation so I like to start in the easiest room and save the messiest for last. (I got the idea from watching How Jen Does It videos. She has a lot of great deep cleaning ideas too, so be sure to check those out.)


Spend 3-5 Minutes In Every MAIN Room

This is key: You HAVE to go fast. By the end of cleaning my heart rate is raised and I won't stop or get distracted for anything. No pauses or interruptions. Only spend a few minutes in each room and if you know something is going to take you longer (like too many dishes/lots of laundry to fold), come back to that task after the whole house is cleaned up. I have a Clean The House playlist on Spotify and since each song is about 3-5 minutes, it's a good signal to switch rooms. Or you can set a timer.


Don't Break The Circle

An easy way to get distracted is to bounce around from one room to another putting things away. It takes way too much time to walk across the house or back and forth just to return random items. So instead, put everything that doesn't belong in a "return" bin or just carry items that don't belong with you to the next room until everything is returned. I also push the laundry basket along and hang the trash on the doorknob of the room I'm in. So I don't have to leave that room until it's clean. At the end of the circle, I toss my laundry in the wash and take out the trash.


What To Skip & Save

I have almost all wood floors so I save sweeping for the very end and then hit reverse to sweep all the way back through every room in the house. (Vacuuming/mopping are for the weekend or if it really needs it.) The rooms do NOT have to be spotless, but aim for company ready. Or your goal could be to have everything off the floor and all surfaces straightened. Since I do this every day, sometimes I'm done with a room in only 1 minute and have time for extras like dusting. On bad days (Mondays are the worst!), I might spend more like 45 minutes instead of 30. You get to decide what's a necessity and what can wait.


The Rest of The Day

You have permission NOT to clean! Mostly because it's all done and generally stays that way. I might clean up a spill or put things away when we're done with them. But if I see a mess, I don't stress because I know I'll get to it later. The only other thing I might do is switch laundry loads or unload the dishwasher when it's all clean. If it really bothers you to go to bed with clutter, you can also spend 10 minutes and do a quick pickup at night too. It'll just give you a head-start for the morning.

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