Spring Declutter List (The Cleaning Before Cleaning)

 Before spring cleaning, do a spring declutter (free printable checklist)

I don't know about you but when it comes time for Spring Cleaning, I kind of get paralyzed. I love the idea of having a really clean house once nice weather is here but actually knowing where to start is tough for me. 

The biggest reason for this = clutter. 

I feel like I can't start deep cleaning until things are organized and surfaces are really minimal. It won't really feel clean until everything has a place and all of the extra stuff is dealt with. So to help me do this job, I'm making a Spring Declutter List to help prep for Spring deep cleaning.

It's my goal to get it all done in 2 days, not spending more than 30 minutes in each room. I'll have a trash bag and two boxes (or laundry baskets) - one for giving away and one for things that don't belong. (Quick tip: I've learned the hard way to return things that don't belong to the right room quickly before moving on to the next one. If I leave a pile by a door or in a corner, it just sits there attracting more clutter FOREVER. Moving fast helps.)

Feel free to steal my list and tweak it for your own house if it helps!

Download Here.

xo, Laurie