5 Summer Schedules for Working at Home

5 Summer Schedules for Working At Home

Hey friend! Happy Summertime! 

This week the temperate here is hanging right around 100 degrees which has me thinking *POOL* even though I need to be thinking *WORK*. Can you relate? If you're mid-way through summer and realizing that you need to get some more productivity in, I'm so with you.

Whether you're a blogger, photographer, designer or other kind of work-from-homer, I do think it's possible to soak up the sun while still getting in some part time hours at home.  So I put together a few possible schedules for you to try out for the remainder of the summer. Hopefully one of these will help you get your stuff done so you can enjoy these last few weeks with your favorite people!


Summer Schedule Planner

5 Part Time Schedules for Summer

#1 The Late Night

Your Schedule: 7-10:30 PM Sunday-Thursday

How It Works: Once dinner's over, that's your cue to head to a quiet room and get to work. I love grabbing my headphones, laptop and a cozy spot after everyone's pretty much settled in for the night. I find it's hard to stop working once I get going at night but if I finish early I can still get in a show or good book.

Why It Works: Your days and the majority of your weekends are completely free to hit the pool, beach, zoo, park, etc. I also find that distractions are so much more minimal at night.


#2 The Early Morning

Your Schedule: 6:30-10 AM Monday-Friday

How it Works: You're up with the sun smashing out your work before the day even get's going. You can take a quick break for breakfast or whatever needs your family has. But instead of filling your morning with the news or Instagram, you power through the biggest to-dos on your list.

Why it Works: You've had a full nights' rest so you should be totally fresh and thinking clearly. It might take some coffee (...or chocolate! whatever works!) to get you up and awake. But once you're finished, you have your whole day and evening free for summer fun.


#3 Two Focus Days

Your Schedule: 8 AM - 3:30 PM Monday & Thursday

How it Works: Choose two days during the week that are primarily work focused. Maybe this means having a little extra help twice a week or finding activities for your family to do while you power through. Then the other 5 days a week are completely focused on NOT working! 

Why it Works: Some projects need more than just a few hours of focus. So having the whole day dedicated to one thing can make you super productive. Plus 5 days off is kind of like a mini-vacation every week. 


#4 Split Shift

Your Schedule: 7-8:30 AM, 1-3 PM Monday - Friday

How It Works: Split your work into two categories and then spend 1-2 hours on each. I use this one a lot since my kids nap/rest in the afternoons. My emails, systems, planning get done in the morning and then the afternoon is spent on my current design project. 

Why it Works: Different types of work take different types of focus levels so splitting it up helps you stay super productive. It's also really nice to have a good chunk of the morning and evenings free for summer activities. 


#5 Block Schedule

Your Schedule: 6-8 AM, 12-1 PM, 8-9 PM Monday-Thursday

How It Works: Break these four days up into three 1-2 hour blocks. You can also choose themes for each block. For example: Mornings = Photos, Noon = Emails, Evenings = Writing. Try to keep the time short and focused.

Why It Works: Themed blocks give you a plan and help you from getting distracted. Plus you'll still have most of your mornings, afternoons and weekends free to soak up the sun. 

Would any of these work for your business? If you work at home, what problems do you run into when scheduling your time? Share in the comments!