Cheers To Getting Organized This Year!

Goal & Content Planning Workbooks

I am so over being disorganized and out of wack. Aren't you?

During the holidays, things are always a bit crazier than usual. It's almost impossible to have a routine or be productive at all while so many events are going on. And how are you supposed to keep a clutter-free home and workspace when there's so much extra stuff everywhere? From holiday cards, to presents you don't have a space for yet or decorations you haven't put away...piles upon piles.

At the beginning of a new year you might also be reminded of all the good habits you want to create. Like getting back into working out (Hey Fitness Marshall), stop eating so much sugar (Or drinking it.....looking at you, Starbucks) and having an organized closet. There could also be some big changes you want to make in your life like launching a shop, building a team, or writing a book.

I know you don't necessarily need a date on the calendar to make those things happen. You can start anytime. But if you're beyond ready to get out of your ruts, then why not make the New Year the turning point?

This is all why I'm REALLY excited to show you the two new printable workbooks I created over the holiday season!

One Year Content Planner

There are two things I definitely wanted to address in my own work life balance: GOALS and CONTENT.

Goal planning because if you're like me, you have a ridiculously long list of things you want to do better.

Content planning because it's so important to be professionally marketing your work and helping your audience. And consistency is hard. That too.

So in order to get those two things under control, I created these fancy printable workbooks! Here's what's inside each...


The One Year Content Planner

  • Tools for brainstorming content for your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and a platform of your choice

  • Worksheets to help you create an orderly system for each platform

  • A guide to finding your avatar or dream client so you can create an experience for them

  • 5 example pages so you can see how I use it

One Year Content Planner


The #Goals 90-Day Planner

  • Tools for planning your top 5 goals/objectives so you can make those things happen

  • Reviews, surveys and brain dump sheets to help you figure out what needs the most attention

  • A habit tracker, calendar, and seasonal evaluations to keep you on course

90-Day Goal Planning Workbook


Want to try out a free page from each? I added the Review sheet from the #Goals Planner and the Blog System sheet from the Content Planner to the Free Resource Library. Test those out and then grab the full workbooks here.

Cheers to getting organized in 2018! xo, Laurie