3 Ways to Improve Your Brand for the New Year

The new year is full of fresh starts so it's the perfect time to also check your business branding. What systems are working/not working? How are you coming across to followers or clients? Does your style need a little updating? 

I actually make changes to these things almost every season. (I'm a designer, so I'm allowed to obsess about branding more than once a year haha.) It helps me to stay focused and purposeful. 

If you're coming into the new year feeling like your branding could use a refresher he's a few action steps you can take this week. 

Find Your Excess

Picture walking through a room totally jam-packed floor to ceiling with possessions. You have to work to make a path and can't find anything you need with so many distractions. Most likely, you'd be thinking, "Get me out of here!" 

The same thing probably happens to your clients and followers if you have too much information packed in and not enough space to balance it out. This especially applies to online branding because viewers are usually skimming through.

Action Step #1: Declutter. Don't be afraid of white space. Ask yourself if every element belongs or if its just taking up room. Eliminate the things you don't love (you can always replace them later.) Narrow down your wording, buttons, images, links, etc. to only the very best content. 

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Stick to a Theme

Being a designer, I understand the love for fonts, colors and layout. I too have the tendency to use all of them, all the time, constantly changing things up. But fight that desire! TRY to stick to one theme. Being consistent not only makes you look professional but it helps people to recognize and remember you. This doesn't mean you can never change it, but maybe just not every other week.

Action step #2: Stick to one main color scheme, a few favorite fonts that blend well, and try to stay consistent throughout your design and decor. Maybe this means keeping your wording always aligned to the left with spaces before each heading. Maybe you could always use one certain photo filter, camera angle or font to title your post images. It could be as easy as keeping your logo in the same place for all printed materials. All these things keep your brand streamlined.

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Reach Your Person

You've probably heard the words "ideal client" or "target market" but really it's just trying to reach your person. Don't try to connect with everyone, try to connect with a certain someone. If you have a favorite client or friend who is a blast to be around and would totally benefit from what you have to offer, keep ONLY them in mind when doing your best work. It feels backwards but narrowing your focus actually really helps you have a strong brand.

Action step #3: Create your content as if it was only reaching your one person. What information would they love to know? What offerings, services and resources would they love to have? What would surprise and delight them? Try to reach this one person and chances are you'll reach a lot more people just like them naturally. 

I hope that helps! Let me know what changes you plan to make to your brand in the comments!