Wake Up Well

How to Wake Up Well - Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

How does your day usually start? In the past my mornings looked so stressful - snoozing till the last minute and then rushing out the door to work, babies crying or kids in my ear demanding breakfast immediately.

I love staying up late watching shows or designing, so mornings never used to be a thing for me. But in recent years I realized how valuable waking up well can be. I truly think anyone can become a morning person when you purposefully decide how you want your morning to go.

You can totally make your morning a positive experience. And even better is that it rubs off on the rest of your day.

Here's some tips for waking up well...

Start Early

I know early sounds like the opposite of a good thing. But in the early mornings you can be super lazy and selfish with your time. No one is demanding breakfast yet. Work might be hours a way. There's no decisions to be made the second you open your eyes. Just you, the sun rising and possibly the smell of coffee. It's peaceful.

Wise Words

Open your Bible. You don't have to think deep thoughts or do a word study of the Hebrew or Greek original meaning. I know it's early. Seriously just open it up and read some verses. Journal a little. For me, having a verse or a quote for the day helps me see the big picture and make better decisions.

Earbuds In

Songs are powerful motivators. I started a Spotify playlist with songs that remind me again of my "why." Pick a theme song for the day if you know it's going to be a tough one. Dance parties mid-afternoon almost always save the day.

Purposefully Awesome

Before you start in on the to-do list, write down one thing that's going to be awesome today. What are you looking forward to? If nothing looks good, schedule in something fun. Even if it's just a Birthday Cake pop from Starbucks.

Sketch It Out

Write, journal, or just doodle something in bright colors to get your creativity going. Do a brain dump of what's bugging you. The best solutions and ideas can sometimes come when we aren't even trying. 

cactus doodles

The Main Things

Now it's time for the to-do list. Make as many decisions in advance as you can. What project are you working on? What are you making for dinner? What do you NOT want to do, but really need to? (I call this smelly trash, because if you don't deal with it, it's going to start to stink. What do you need to take out?)

Reach out to others

Who do you miss? Who needs your help? Who have you been forgetting to get back to? List a few people to get in touch with today. Even if it's just sending a text, mailing a sweet note or delivering surprise gift. Making someone's day better makes your day better to. 

Do The Health Thing

Drink your water, Eat some breakfast. Do a quick workout, even if it's 10 minutes in your living room. (I use the 8fit app - it's really quick.) Say a prayer. I think taking care of your health before you come in contact with anyone else is key to a good mood.


If you finish all those things and you still have plenty of time before anyone wakes up, do something to just chill and relax. Read a book, watch a show, you can even -gasp- go back to sleep!

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