June Goals & A Few Of My Favorite Things

June Goals | June Favorite Things | Laurie Cosgrove Design

Well May was just gone before I could make any goals ha! So looks like we’re doing June…

This last month, I’ve been making a point to take a break in the afternoons to sit outside while the kids blow bubbles and ride around on scooters.

Reading while sitting in the sun is the BEST.

My mom found this this amazing travel journal that my great-grandma wrote in the 60s and I’ve been just soaking it up. She describes in detail her adventures across the US, seeing the Grand Canyon, the southwest, Palm Springs, etc.

1965 Travel Journal - Legacy Journal

I love reading about how much things cost (a hotel stay for only $6!) and little glimpses of how much she thanked God for every little thing in her day right down to finding a good deal on a new red bag. She also describes a PGA Desert Classic that she spent making the rounds for autographs from stars like Jack Nicklaus, Laurence Welk, Arnold Palmer, Desi Arnaz, Chi Chi Rodriguez while her “darling” (my great -grandpa) just laughed in disbelief and brought her popcorn. So cute!

All that to say, reading through it has made me think a lot about how special it is to document our experiences and think more about the legacy we leave. It makes me want to be even more present and purposeful rather than filling up the day with stressful, busy tasks.

Current Favorite Finds

Maddie & Tae New Album - Have you heard Maddie & Tae? They are well known for this song and most of the time, their songs crack me up. But in addition to great style and clever hilarious lyrics, their voices are so beautiful. They just came out with a new EP album I’m loving.

131 Method - This program I’m doing by Chalene Johnson is amazing. It takes you through 12 weeks of healthy eating. I experimented with it last summer to get rid of my joint pain and inflammation and it worked so well! My sisters and I are doing it together this year and already within a few weeks we’re feeling way more energy, with softer skin and looking less ….uh…puffy? :)

131 Method - Cilantro Avocado Tomato Corn Rice Bowl Lunch

Work + Play with Nancy Ray Podcast - I love Nancy Ray and all of her productivity tips and wisdom! You may have seen some of her photography featured in my card designs as she’s been a contributor in the past. Her new podcast is really good so far - highly recommend!

June Goals

PRODUCTIVITY | Create a Summer Bucket List - My kids are out of school now so I want to make a list of fun things we can do this summer to really soak it up. A few things that are going on the list: picnics, park and zoo, swimming lessons, forest hikes, library reading program, splash parks and lots of VBS.

DESIGN | New products to be published - I talked a little in April about how I’m creating kits and courses for design and work-life-balance for photographers, bloggers, designers, coaches, etc. It always takes a lot of time at the beginning to build new things, but I can’t wait to get these out soon!

LIFE | Hebrew Lessons - I know it sounds random to suddenly learn Hebrew! But I’ve been wanting to learn it for a few years now to better understand the Bible and have finally started taking classes. I feel like it is breathing so much life into the scriptures I’m reading and helping me to learn new things about God. My goal is to finish the first 8 lessons by the end of June.

WORK | Decide on a New Summer Work Schedule - During this school year I’ve been doing an awesome weekly work routine that I can’t wait to share with you. BUT over the summer, with three kids home, I’ll be changing up work times so I can enjoy time with them. Here are some past schedules I’ve used to get work done while having kids at home - I’m thinking of using #1 this year.

HOME | The Paper Clutter Situation - This is just one more reason I’m excited that this school year is over! The amount of incoming paper from the kids’ school every day is insane. Over the last month or so, I’ve just been letting it pile up instead of dealing with it. I just need to take an hour and sort through it all.

Paper Clutter Organization - Summer Paper Clutter

What are your goals for this upcoming month? Any favorite new finds? Share below!